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Why use LED landing lights?

LED technology for aircraft landing lights, or any other airplane lighting system, is the greatest invention some sliced bread.  Well, that may be over exaggeration, but it certainly is an important milestone.  LED’s have many advantages over standard incandescent bulbs.  They don’t tend to burn out, their lifespan is much longer, and they generate almost no heat.  Plastic balls as opposed a glass bulbs results in a much more durable product.  Their compact size also allows for multiple to be placed in small spaces providing additional brightness.  Thus and the landing light is born!

CRAZEDpilot Aircraft and Pilot Accessories The main advantage here is efficiency.  In standard bulbs the filaments are literally burned to create light-this creates an intense amount of heat, and in a rough environments such as automobiles or airplanes, this results in a short life span of the bulb.  This and burning of the film and creates seat as a byproduct, and is turned directly into heat energy.  By converting to LED landing light systems, you are able to avoid the heat generation and current load that is associated.

The last 10 to 20 years has created LED technology which is both cost-effective and small surface area.  The price of small LED lamps is now for double for the general public, allowing for cost-effective products for even the ultralight community.


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